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October 2013 Archives

New Jersey school embroiled in employment disputes over back pay

No one wants to hear the words, "The economy is bad, so we're going to outsource your job." Yet that's exactly what happened to a group of administrative professionals, paraprofessionals and classroom aides employed by a New Jersey school district. The former employees of the district are now embroiled in employment disputes because they say they haven't gotten their severance pay as promised. The school district is denying that the employment disputes are serious, saying that the money has simply been held up, and will be coming soon.

Breach of contract claims made in New Jersey by 70s disco singer

"I Will Survive" may have been one of disco-phenomenon Gloria Gaynor's most memorable hits, but she isn't willing to just "survive" what she is calling breach of contract claims. The singer recently filed charges against a contractor who performed work on her New Jersey home. Like many consumers, her breach of contract claims show not only irritation over work that she feels was not completed to satisfaction, but also annoyance at feeling deceived by the contractor.

New Jersey real estate disputes end in $84.5M penalty

New Jersey football fans may already know that Zigi Wilf, Mark Wilf and Leonard Wilf own a professional football team. What they may not know is that the three have been in court regarding some real estate disputes from the 1980s. The three were recently ordered to pay $84.5 million in fines regarding the disputes.

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