Providing A Range Of Services

In a society based on law, legal concerns affect multiple parts of life.

Andrew Rubin, Esquire, is a versatile attorney based in Montclair who has served New Jersey clients across a wide range of needs for decades.

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What Issue Do You Need To Address?

Mr. Rubin is committed to offering a range of services to his client. In addition to legal malpractice and business law, these include:

  • Alternative dispute resolution — Litigation is expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable. We offer extensive experience and are committed to using alternative methods of dispute resolution wherever possible and appropriate.
  • Estate planning and administration — We provide a full range of estate planning services, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and guardianships. We also resolve disputes about estates.
  • Expungements — We can help you take steps to seal your criminal record, which shows up background checks for jobs and housing.
  • Real estate — We represent buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate. We also assist clients with other real estate matters, including real estate litigation and appeals.
  • Municipal court — We routinely represent individual clients in municipal court matters involving motor vehicle citations and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

Of course, how Mr. Rubin resolves your matter will depend on the facts of your specific case. He has the knowledge and experience to protect and assert your interests.

Confidential Consultations Available

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