Avoiding Litigation Through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Resolving a dispute through the court system can cost a tremendous amount of money. It can also take a great deal of time — during which, parties on the other side may be subjected to all manner of indignities and aggravations. Making matters worse is the fact that you can have a very strong case and can go through all of those resources and suffer all of that frustration… and not get the result you want or deserve.

As a law firm with a two decades long history and primary emphasis on civil litigation — we know as well as anyone just how unpredictable, costly and frustrating the courtroom method of dispute resolution can be. Because of that, and because we have a responsibility not to waste our clients’ time and money unnecessarily, we strongly recommend considering these dispute resolution options in most cases.

Negotiation, Mediation And Arbitration

For all the time, money and frustration that can be saved by ADR — satisfactory results at the negotiating table or in the mediation and arbitration forums often depend on being thoroughly prepared to take the dispute to litigation.

Our attorney, Andrew Rubin, has been practicing law in Essex County courts and in courtrooms throughout the state of New Jersey since 1979. He has also had extensive experience and success with resolving disputed business matters and similar types of problems outside of court. Today, drawing from his experiences with both approaches — he can effectively protect your rights and achieve satisfactory results with either.

Contact Information

To discuss the possibility of using alternative dispute resolution to settle your business concerns — call our Montclair law offices at 973-718-2239, or contact us online.

Evening and weekend appointments with our lawyer are available by request. We also offer flexible fee arrangements tailored to the client’s circumstances and the legal matter to be addressed.