FAQ On Insurance Broker Malpractice

Insurance brokers play a key role in the insurance process. Most of the insurance that gets sold to consumers gets sold through brokers — independent professionals who are not supposed to be merely agents for a particular insurance company.

But when a broker drops the ball, or commits fraud, it can really cause harm to an insured. When that happens, Andrew Rubin, Esquire, can help you understand your legal options.

Mr. Rubin is a proven attorney who focuses much of his practice on bringing malpractice claims against professionals. We encourage you to call for a confidential consultation about your particular situation. Based in Montclair, we serve clients in Essex County, and throughout northern and central New Jersey.

What Went Wrong With Your Insurance Transaction?

Refusal to renew an insurance policy by an insurance company is not necessarily a broker’s fault. But there are all sorts of scenarios that can potentially involve malpractice by an insurance broker.

Mr. Rubin’s practice is wide-ranging and extends to cases that include:

  • Failure to procure proper coverage
  • Failure to provide proper notice
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Failure to obtain necessary endorsements
  • Failure to handle claims property

What Damages May Be Available?

Measuring damages for an insurance broker’s wrongdoing depends on figuring out what benefits the insured would have received if the broker had not breached his or professional duties. Mr. Rubin can guide you through this process and explain what it means for your situation.

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