Asserting Your Rights In Attorney Fee Litigation

The firm represents clients in defending against attorney fee claims in New Jersey. In New Jersey, before an attorney may file a lawsuit for fees, he or she must follow certain procedural rules. Further, all attorneys fees in New Jersey must be reasonable, and the client is entitled to a hearing on the reasonableness of the fees, either during fee arbitration or, if fee arbitration is not selected, in a fully litigated case.

Andrew Rubin, Esquire, has tried attorney fee cases and fee arbitrations to verdict. Attorney fee litigation is a substantial part of his practice. Mr. Rubin had success in turning fee awards against clients into recovery by clients against attorneys for malpractice, including disgorgement of previously paid fees.

Based in Montclair, Mr. Rubin serves clients in Essex County, and throughout northern and central New Jersey.

Affidavits Of Merit

In the vast majority of attorney malpractice cases, an affidavit of merit is required to avoid dismissal of the malpractice claim. Mr. Rubin provides affidavits of merit to plaintiffs who have meritorious claims.

Mr. Rubin has 30 years experience as a general practitioner, including, but certainly not limited to business, injury, family, chancery, employment, attorney malpractice, and real estate litigation. He also has extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate, business transaction, creditors’ rights and multiple other practice areas. He brings this experience to bear on his review of the matter.

Mr. Rubin holds attorneys and the practice in esteem, indeed Law is one of the few professions that has substantial codified rules as to how to properly treat clients. Nonetheless, attorneys can make mistakes, become greedy or self deal. If that happens, Mr. Rubin is available to help the client achieve the remedy they deserve.

Taking Action

The optimum point to contact Mr. Rubin is when the fee arbitration letter is received from the client’s former lawyer. Mr. Rubin will analyze the prior representation, advise as to the reality of what the client is facing and present the options to the client. Don’t wait until the fee claim has matured, don’t defend it yourself without consulting Mr. Rubin, as rights and options may be foreclosed.

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