Strong Representation For Civil Appeals

If you lose at the trial court level, it doesn’t always mean your case is over. If the judge made a mistake, or your attorney failed to make your case, it is possible to file an appeal seeking a different result.

At the law offices of Andrew Rubin, we are committed to helping you bring such an appeal forward. For over three decades, Mr. Rubin has provided skilled and effective litigation services to many different types of clients.

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What Type Of Case Do You Need To Appeal?

The chance to appeal so that the decision maker gets it right is fundamental to our culture. In sports like baseball and football, for example, it is now an accepted practice.

Of course, every particular setting has its own rules and authorities. In New Jersey, the appeals process starts with the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. Most appeals are decided there, with the New Jersey Supreme Court hearing selected cases.

The ruling that you seek to appeal may concern a legal malpractice claim against a previous attorney. It may involve a business dispute or some other matter.

Andrew Rubin has the litigation skills to handle all types of civil appeals effectively. He will be upfront with you about the prospects for success and will help you make a strategic decision tailored to your personal situation.

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