When Your Insurance Company Drops You

Granted, insurance companies are generally free to refuse to renew your policy. But what if coverage isn’t available from another company and you end up taking a big financial hit because you didn’t have insurance?

In this setting, Andrew Rubin, Esquire, can help you assess whether you have a claim against the insurance broker who ultimately failed to help you procure the insurance you needed.

We encourage you to call today to discuss your legal options with an attorney after an insurance company’s failure to renew a policy left you exposed to undue financial risk. Based in Montclair, we serve clients in Essex County, and throughout northern and central New Jersey.

Did Your Insurance Broker Breach A Duty?

Insurance is a hard-nosed actuarial game in which companies only offer coverage that they think they can make money on. This makes the role of the broker, in helping you find a suitable company, all the more important.

Sometimes, however, brokers fail to play the role they should. They may engage in fraud, over-eager to close a deal. They may drop the ball in other ways, leaving you high and dry if the insurance you thought you had doesn’t work out.

Andrew Rubin has the knowledge about these issues, and guides you effectively in understanding your rights and taking action accordingly. He focuses his practice on holding professionals accountable for failing to live up to their responsibilities.

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