Probate, Estate And Trust Litigation

Disputes among family members, fiduciaries and others about who gets what in an estate are very common. If this is happening in your family, it doesn’t mean you are flawed; it means you are human.

But you do need a strong attorney to protect and assert your interests. Andrew Rubin, Esquire, is an attorney with the skill and knowledge to help you assess your situation and take appropriate action.

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What Issues Are In Dispute?

There are all sorts of misunderstandings, errors and conflicts of interests that can result in litigation involving wills, trusts and other estate matters.

At our firm, we handle a full range of these issues, including:

  • Will contests
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Disagreements about the terms of a trust
  • Disputes about assets going through probate

Mr. Rubin uses his strong litigation and negotiation skills to resolve these issues effectively. He is also well-versed in using mediation and other alternative methods where they are beneficial to your goals and interests.

Of course, the right resolution depends on the circumstances of your unique case and on your particular role. Depending on the case, we represent:

  • Beneficiaries
  • Individual trustees
  • Corporate trustees
  • Other fiduciaries such as executors or personal representatives

Taking Action

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