New Jersey school embroiled in employment disputes over back pay

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No one wants to hear the words, “The economy is bad, so we’re going to outsource your job.” Yet that’s exactly what happened to a group of administrative professionals, paraprofessionals and classroom aides employed by a New Jersey school district. The former employees of the district are now embroiled in employment disputes because they say they haven’t gotten their severance pay as promised. The school district is denying that the employment disputes are serious, saying that the money has simply been held up, and will be coming soon.

The problems began when the former employees’ positions were eliminated more than a year ago in 2012. Though those who were laid off were supposed to receive monies that would equal 30 days of pay, reports indicate that none of them received those funds. Now, they are collectively seeking $126,000, which allegedly was to be paid no later than Sept. 19, 2013, as part of a settlement that stemmed from the case.

The employment disputes affect 89 individuals. As was previously noted, they were told the checks were coming, but have not yet received any remuneration. Consequently, they have filed a lawsuit against the school district despite the promise of settlement.

The severance being sought in the New Jersey employment disputes was fought by the school district for 12 months. What this case shows is that determination pays off when pursuing an individual’s or group’s legal rights. Any person who is owed back pay and has not yet received that pay needn’t allow the passage of time to erode his or her case.

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