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How do you know if you have a professional malpractice law claim?

New Jersey residents seek the advice and assistance of attorneys because they have a problem they are unable to resolve for themselves. They rely on their attorneys training and experience to provide them with competent legal representation. Unfortunately, this is not always what clients receive, and they might wonder whether they have a professional malpractice law claim.

New Jersey celebrity to pursue legal malpractice suit over fraudulent bankruptcy filing

One of the central tasks and duties of an attorney is to help people to navigate the law and the court system. Because most people are unsophisticated in such matters, most people rely on legal counsel to act as guide and advocate.

How does confidentiality differ from attorney-client privilege? P.2

In our last post, we continued our discussion of confidentiality by looking at how it differs from attorney-client privilege. As we pointed out, confidentiality is an ethics rule and attorney-client privilege is a rule of evidence. The two are separate rules, but they are certainly related.

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