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Conflicts of interest in legal practice: what to look for as a client

Most people are familiar with the concept of conflict of interest in the business world. Generally speaking, the terms refers to a situation in which there is the risk of an individual or corporation deriving personal or corporate benefit by exploiting their involvement with the interest in question.  There can be multiple meanings to the term, of course.

What is legal malpractice? P.2

In our previous post, we began looking generally at the topic of legal malpractice. Specifically, we are looking at the question of what exactly constitutes legal malpractice. As we noted last time, the key question is whether the attorney failed to abide by an established standard of care in handling a client’s matter. These standards of care are the legal and professional duties an attorney owes to his or her clients.

What is legal malpractice? P.1

The court system and the litigation process, technically speaking, is open to anybody who wishes to participate in it. Realistically and practically speaking, though, attorneys are gatekeepers to the legal system, and ordinary people rely on the experience and expertise of zealous advocates to effectively address their legal needs.

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