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New Jersey municipality makes breach of contract claims

When New Jersey tap water takes on a nasty smell or taste, it's never a good sign. It's especially bad when a city has paid for a new treatment facility to avoid such issues. In Salem, the municipal government officials have had enough of consistent nasty water problems and are now making breach of contract claims against the water treatment system's designers. It's not clear if the breach of contract claim extends to the installers of the system that's apparently causing the unpleasant water.

Mylan triumphs with breach of contract claims in New Jersey

When corporations or individuals enter into a written contract, it is crucial that all parties involved follow the outlined terms of said contract. When these terms are violated, a company is at risk of having a lawsuit filed against it in a New Jersey court. This could result in millions of dollars of damages being paid to the other party or parties that suffered due to the breach of contract claims.

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