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August 2011 Archives

Real estate disputes pit developers against neighbors

Real estate disputes over new developments in New Jersey can sometimes lead to civil litigation; particularly when the disputes cannot be resolved privately. During new construction, adjacent landowners occasionally seek to protect perceived infringement of their property rights. One area of frequent friction lies in storm water management. These types of real estate disputes pit the developer, who is usually looking for final zoning approval, against neighboring landowners.

Partnership disputes cause Newark Bears to hibernate

Partnership disputes in Newark and elsewhere in New Jersey can sometimes feel like a bad divorce. A venture that starts out so full of hope and promise may sometimes become a battle ground of accusations and mistrust. Issues become more entangled when the arrangement was created without a properly drawn up written partnership agreement.

Employment dispute of Parsippany paraprofessionals settled

In the current economy, many people are taking work in any form, and are more willing to accept unfavorable terms. These difficult financial times caused the teacher's aides and assistants of Parsippany, New Jersey to work for several years without a contract. Recently their Board of Education surprised everyone in the community by settling the employment dispute.

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