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New Jersey breach of contract claims re 2014 Borgata Poker Open

When it comes to the 2014 Borgata Poker Open in New Jersey, there's plenty at stake for the Open's execs. While it was agreed in April that players who were affected by counterfeit chips should be reimbursed at a certain rate, six players have decided that the final payout isn't enough. They are suing the Open for numerous allegations. These breach of contract claims are making waves across the gambling news headlines.

Friends of Loew's in New Jersey allege breach of contract claims

In New Jersey, Loew's Theatre has been a mainstay for the better part of a century. Located in Jersey City, the landmark building that was once thriving has taken a turn for hardship in recent years. Now, the city is hoping to revitalize the property, but their move is causing a cry of breach of contract claims from a nonprofit. The organization, Friends of Loew's (FOL), alleges breach of contract claims that stem from the fact they believe the city does not have the right to allow Loew's to be run by an entity other than FOL.

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