New Jersey breach of contract claims re 2014 Borgata Poker Open

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When it comes to the 2014 Borgata Poker Open in New Jersey, there’s plenty at stake for the Open’s execs. While it was agreed in April that players who were affected by counterfeit chips should be reimbursed at a certain rate, six players have decided that the final payout isn’t enough. They are suing the Open for numerous allegations. These breach of contract claims are making waves across the gambling news headlines.

The players claim that the Open was operated in such a way as to knowingly and unknowingly hurt the players. According to reports, their complaint includes assertions of breach of contract, negligence and varieties of the two counts. They are each seeking just under $34,000 in damages over and above the funds they have already received.

The amount sought is the difference between what the players allege they should have received from their part during the Open, and what they actually were given in April. Reports have suggested that other players may have already been given more than they were to originally receive, although this has not been verified by the press. The players have agreed to only ask for the difference in the payout amount one time, despite the fact that they are alleging four separate counts against the Open.

There has been no available formal response from the Open regarding the negligence or breach of contract claims. The New Jersey case will likely be closely followed, especially by poker aficionados interested in keeping their sport as clean as possible. In any arrangement of this kind between players and an organization representing a sports open tournament, a material breach of contract is harmful to the players involved and to the sport overall.

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