Breach of contract claims made in New Jersey by 70s disco singer

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“I Will Survive” may have been one of disco-phenomenon Gloria Gaynor’s most memorable hits, but she isn’t willing to just “survive” what she is calling breach of contract claims. The singer recently filed charges against a contractor who performed work on her New Jersey home. Like many consumers, her breach of contract claims show not only irritation over work that she feels was not completed to satisfaction, but also annoyance at feeling deceived by the contractor.

Gaynor states in her Somerset County lawsuit that the contractor she hired to work on a second-story deck did a shoddy job. According to the singer, she paid the contractor $38,000, but then discovered that the concrete deck leaked. She is now seeking repayment for the money that she spent and proper replacement of the deck in question.

Gaynor is asking that the Superior Court force the contractor to pay for a new deck to replace the faulty one. She allegedly asked a different contractor to quote a price to fix the deck, and that quote was reported to be $120,000. That price includes removal of the original deck and reconstruction of another one.

These breach of contract claims have apparently been well-outlined for the court, and Gaynor has included a breach of warranty claim as well. She alleges that the contractor she chose did not have the permits necessary to perform the work. Gaynor’s New Jersey suit is reputedly ready to go to court, although the date for the hearing has not yet been released.

Source: New Jersey Herald, Singer Gaynor suing contractor over deck work, No author, Oct. 16, 2013

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