How can I tell a good lawyer from a bad one?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Professional Malpractice Law

In every profession, there are bad apples in the bunch. However, certain occupations require minimal errors, including your legal representation. While lawyers spend years in education and certification programs, some attorneys don’t take their responsibility seriously.

When you have a potential case, you need the help of a professional who will take your side. Why risk the outcome of a trial for a bad lawyer? Most people who end up with a nightmare attorney had no idea what they were getting into. However, there are a few signs that you can check to get an idea of what it would be like to work with a particular lawyer.

Is their response timely?

Delay is one of the major obstacles that a bad lawyer can create. Late attorneys can miss deadlines for filing claims, which could destroy your opportunity for compensation. They could also leave you in the dark about your own legal proceedings.

A good lawyer, on the other hand, will follow up your emails and calls fairly promptly. Even though patience is often necessary for long legal processes, you should expect your lawyer to keep you informed.

What do others say?

Nearly every business or law practice has reviews online. Whether you find them through Facebook, Google or Yelp, consistent negative reviews can alert you to a problem. This can help you detect issues before it’s too late. Good lawyers may not have a perfect five-star rating, but they certainly shouldn’t have one star.

Are they certified or licensed?

New Jersey must approve lawyers before they can work with clients. Even if you walk into their office for a consultation and see an official-looking document framed on the wall, the paper might be a fake. The best way to check the attorney’s legitimacy is by searching on the New Jersey Courts website.

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