Judge delays Cosby’s deposition in Dickinson lawsuit

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Civil Appeals

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn that a California appeals judge has temporarily stayed an order for Bill Cosby to be deposed in the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Janice Dickinson. The Nov. 13 decision halted depositions Dickinson’s lawyer had scheduled with Cosby on Nov. 19 in Los Angeles and Cosby’s former lawyer on Nov. 23 in Boston.

Cosby’s legal team has remained largely silent since public accusations that he drugged and raped dozens of women came to light in 2014. However, after the judge’s stay, Cosby’s spokesperson issued a statement noting that the comedian should not have to sit for a deposition “until Ms. Dickinson demonstrates a reasonable possibility of success on her claims.” Meanwhile, Dickinson’s lawyer shrugged off the stay, saying that she is “confident” that the case will move forward once the court hears all the arguments on the issues.

Nearly 60 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual assault, but he has maintained his innocence. Most of the cases are beyond the statute of limitations and cannot be criminally pursued. In an attempt to sidestep that legal hurdle, Dickinson and other accusers have slapped Cosby with defamation suits, claiming that his denials of wrongdoing are the equivalent of calling them liars. So far, Cosby has given one deposition in another civil lawsuit. It will not be made public until after Dec. 22.

New Jersey residents who a dissatisfied with the outcome of a civil lawsuit may wish to file an appeal. A lawyer experienced in the appeals process could provide a fresh perspective on the case and assess its chances of success before a higher court.

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