Information and representation in employment disputes

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New Jersey employment issues could affect both employees and employers, and it is important to have the assistance of someone with a proper perspective in facing litigation or filing a claim. Contracts, statutes and other issues can come into play as a situation is explored, and an understanding of employment law is critical for appropriate representation to be provided. In any legal case, both parties could be greatly affected by the outcome.

Employee issues that may be addressed through legal representation may range from discrimination claims to harassment concerns. In some cases, legal action might not be warranted if proper channels are pursued for reporting issues in your work setting. However, you may find that a situation continues to be problematic in spite of using the prescribed protocols for making a report about a concern. In that event, addressing the situation may require strong action such as litigation. Even if legal action is not necessary, reliable advice from an experienced lawyer may help to clarify the proper approach to seeking a remedy.

An employer may face a variety of employment disputes as well. For instance, an employer may need assistance in enforcing elements of a contract. If termination or other issues result in litigation from an employee, there may be a need to involve a lawyer to counter claims of wrongful action.

Whether you are dealing with an employment dispute from the employee side or from an employer perspective, it is important to have experienced insight and direction. You may read our employment disputes page to learn more about your options.

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