Employment disputes in New Jersey can happen at government levels

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Individuals at all stages of their careers and in all industries can experience employment disputes. In fact, one New Jersey city’s acting manager is accusing those who hired him of now trying to get him fired due to his blowing the whistle on their “thuggish” and “mob-like” ways. His lawsuit incriminates many of his erstwhile colleagues, whom he says are major players in this prime example of white collar, high level, government employment disputes.

The acting manager was hired in Hackensack by a coalition that had promised citizens it would get the New Jersey city back on track. Now, he alleges that the coalition is trying to force him out because he has exposed them for gouging taxpayers by paying inflated salaries, among other purported unethical activity. He claims in his Superior Court suit that even the mayor, deputy mayor and police director have retaliated against him.

Although he has not been formerly terminated, the plaintiff is making the case that his working conditions have become difficult for him to continue in his current job. However, he also says that he wants to remain in his position to serve the taxpayers. Those he has named in his suit have denied that the charges have any substance.

As this case proceeds through the courts, more evidence will shed light as to the validity of the plaintiff’s assertions. In the meantime, the acting director says he will continue to work despite what he says have been smears against his reputation and the reputation of his family. Sometimes, employment disputes of this sort are settled out of court. Whether they go to trial or not, should the plaintiff succeed, he could be awarded monies to make up for the damages he claims to have sustained.

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