Super Bowl show leads to New Jersey breach of contract claims

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When most people think about the Super Bowl, they don’t think about all the agreements that are put into place beforehand to ensure that the event runs smoothly. That’s why some individuals may be surprised to learn that an alleged snag has led to breach of contract claims from the major of one of New Jersey’s cities. His statement regarding the breach of contract claims is concentrated on the Super Bowl’s halftime show.

According to the mayor, the production company that runs the halftime show and was supposed to rent space at a Secaucus school decided not to fulfill their agreement. The mayor has publicly stated that the company was supposed to pay for the space, but that the company never used it. In the meantime, the mayor says he spent $20,000 for his New Jersey city’s school district, as well as $5,000 for the local fire department, to ensure the company’s safety. Now, he is demanding reimbursement.

The mayor, through his representatives, has written a letter directed at the NFL Commissioner asking for $25,000. He says that, although the production company ended up changing their original plans one week prior to the Super Bowl taking place, they still need to honor their agreement. At this point, there is no word on whether the Commissioner is taking the letter seriously.

If the letter isn’t recognized by the league, the New Jersey mayor has said that he will continue with the breach of contract claims. In these types of situations, it is always important that all the facts be well-documented. If this dispute continues, both sides will be expected to present evidence before a determination can be made.

Source:, Secaucus mayor asking NFL for $25,000 for breached contract with Super Bowl halftime show, Curtis Crabtree, Feb. 10, 2014

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