New Jersey attorney commits fraud, gets six-month suspension

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One New Jersey attorney will be unable to practice law for half a year after being disciplined for lying. His fraud occurred in a case against him in which he manipulated evidence. Ironically, his attempts to commit this kind of fraud almost worked.

Several years ago, the attorney from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, was sued by an architect. The architect charged that the attorney had not paid him for work that was completed on a building. Eventually, the suit was settled for $45,000 in 2010, and the case was basically closed.

Now, the courts have taken a second look at the case, namely because a libertarian watchdog group looked into the documents and records associated with the case. The group discovered that the lawyer had changed data, lied about facts and then lied again under oath. When the falsehoods were brought to light, the attorney was brought before a disciplinary court to review his behavior. As a result of that court’s findings, he has been disciplined and will not be able to practice for a six-month period.

This type of behavior on the behalf of someone who represents the legal profession might make his former and current clients consider looking back on their cases. After all, if he was capable of deception in his own case, it could be indicative of a pattern of abuse in terms of his authority. Every client deserves to have legal representatives who will act honestly, prudently and judiciously. A client should never be afraid that their lawyer will commit an act such as fraud.

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