Breach of contract claims made against randy New Jersey realtors

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It’s tough for breach of contract claims to be any seedier than the one filed by a New Jersey couple. The couple claims that two realtors who were supposed to sell their home actually used the residence for illicit trysts. Consequently, the husband and wife’s breach of contract claims are being heard, and the realtors are being investigated.

The case occurred in northern New Jersey, where the realtors were allegedly recorded by the home’s security camera in compromising positions throughout the house. Until the secret footage was discovered, the clients were unaware of their real estate agents’ dalliances. In essence, instead of trying to find possible buyers for his clients, the realtors supposedly helped themselves to the property whenever they wanted a secure place to have intimate relations.

In addition to their breach of contract claims, the realtors’ clients are also seeking damages for trespassing, emotional distress and privacy invasion. Should they be able to prove that the realtors deliberately made their house unlikely to be sold, the couple could be awarded a monetary award for any financial losses they can prove they have sustained. Since filing their suit, the couple has not made any public comments.

Their breach of contract claims will be further explored, and the realtors, who have already lost their association with a nationally recognized real estate brokerage, may also lose their licenses to sell in the state. At this point, whether they are still selling real estate is unclear. The claims have been advanced against each realtor as well as against the brokerage for whom they each worked.

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