New Jersey ‘Housewives’ cast member settles contract breach suit

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New Jersey business owners know that it is very difficult to completely avoid every possible dispute and still stay in business. What is important, rather, is to handle disputes well.

Often, an experienced business litigation attorney can negotiate resolutions outside of court, through mediation or arbitration. However, in some cases business litigation is necessary.

On Monday, a cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reached a settlement with a window company in regard to a breach of contract suit.

The window manufacturer was reportedly suing Joe Gorga, who is a developer, for about $25,000 of work that he allegedly never paid for. According to the suit, the window company was in a contract with him to provide $25,577 worth of windows for a complex in Wayne, New Jersey. The company was never paid.

Gorga has reportedly been involved in 26 liens and civil court judgments in the state since 2002. The majority were small claims matters. He and his wife were also sued in September 2010 for breach of contract related to money owed to a company that installed a fire suppression system in one of his apartment buildings.

He has said that he has been sued so often simply because he owns many apartment buildings, and that comes with the territory. While that may be the case, appropriate legal representation can help businesses to come up with acceptable resolutions for their legal issues.

Details of the window company settlement remained private due to a mutual agreement between both parties.

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