New Jersey health officer sues for wrongful termination

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Being fired from your job can be very overwhelming. Having suddenly lost your source of income, you and your family may be facing difficult financial times. You may also feel that your termination was unjustified. Whether you think your employer fired you because of your race or gender, or because he or she did not agree with your ideas, you may have a case for wrongful termination. Recently, a former New Jersey health officer filed a lawsuit against his former employer, alleging that he was a victim of wrongful termination.

The former health officer has claimed that he had provided exemplary behavior while serving the Madison borough of Morris County. He claims that he was discriminated against because he voiced his opinion out about some of his employer’s practices. He further alleges that some of the borough’s heath board members have harassed him. He has filed a complaint of wrongful termination and is seeking reinstatement as well as back pay.

The health board has stood by its decision to fire the man, citing numerous counts of misconduct the man allegedly committed over a five-year period. These allegations include misuse of company assets, acting outside his realm of authority, and insubordination among others.

Being wrongfully fired from your job can be extremely frustrating and very overwhelming. You may feel like there is nothing you can do. However, experienced New Jersey employment law attorneys understand the many complexities that often arise in these cases. Strong cases can be built to challenge a wrongful termination.

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