When Your Original Attorney Missed A Deadline

We live in an era when options for electronic schedule and file management are abound. With Google calendar, Outlook and various types of software available, missing a deadline in a legal case absolutely should not happen.

But your original attorney may have somehow dropped the call and missed a key deadline — and in so doing committed professional malpractice.

Andrew Rubin, Esquire, is an experienced New Jersey attorney who focuses much of his practice on helping clients hold other attorneys accountable in situations like this. We encourage you to contact his office to learn more about what your options are. Based in Montclair, he serves clients in Essex County, and throughout northern and central New Jersey.

What Happened And What Can You Do Now To Get Compensation?

A missed deadline for filing a suit or taking other actions can severely harm your case. To put it simply, it can mean the difference between winning or losing.

Maybe your original lawyer had a drinking problem or another substance abuse issue. Maybe there was a costly miscommunication with a secretary or paralegal. Or your original lawyer may have simply failed to exercise reasonable care in keeping track of your case and his or her schedule.

If what happened caused you to lose your case, a malpractice case against your original attorney may be in order. This can happen, for example, with a missed statute of limitations. Because I handle these cases frequently, I can quickly assess what your chances are for recovering compensation.

Getting It Right

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