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Anthem sues Express Scripts, alleges breach of contract

Some New Jersey residents may be familiar with Anthem as a medical insurance provider in some Blue Cross- Blue Shield health insurance policies. It has been reported that Anthem has filed a lawsuit against Express Scripts, which is a company that acts as a pharmacy benefits manager.

New Jersey defamation claim against lawyer allowed by judge

Email and alcohol may be a bad combination, as seen in the case of a New Jersey lawyer who is now facing a defamation claim. The individual in question admitted that he was consuming alcohol at the time he sent the email. A judge has allowed the claim to proceed, noting that the lawyer's former client could sue. A dollar value has not yet been set in the suit.

New Jersey resident cannot sue federal agency, appeals court says

A federal appeals court has ruled that a New Jersey man who was falsely imprisoned cannot sue the federal agency that held him in Africa for several months. The court made this decision based upon the fact that the situation occurred overseas during a time of active terrorist investigations.

How does witness preparation differ from witness coaching?

There is an axiom among trial attorneys that "You should never ask a witness a question that you don't already know the answer to." Effective witness preparation is one of the keys to effective case presentation and to jury persuasion. But sometimes preparing a friendly witness before the trial can run the risk of becoming too much of a good thing. Witness preparation is one matter; witness coaching, on the other hand, is unethical.

Verizon sued by ESPN over Custom TV plan

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn that Verizon is being sued by ESPN over its new 'Custom TV" programming plan. According to ESPN, Verizon violated its contract with ESPN by offering customers a new slimmed-down TV plan. However, a spokeswoman for ESPN has stated that the details of the breach of contract claims are unable to be revealed because of confidentiality agreements that the two companies have entered into.

Insurance company accused of Hurricane Sandy fraud

On March 13, a New Jersey couple filed a lawsuit in federal court against their insurance company. The lawsuit stated that the couple may have been defrauded when they filed their Superstorm Sandy claim. According to the couple, the insurance company used their software to shortchange them out of their sales tax.

The downside of partnerships in New Jersey

Although the partnership is a common business structure due to the ease of formation, there are some disadvantages to choosing this structure. First, all partners are exposed to an unlimited amount of liability. This means that all partners may have personal assets taken to cover the debts of the company. One possible way to overcome this issue is for both parties to form corporations that then engage in a partnership.

Helping New Jersey residents determine when to find a lawyer

In certain legal proceedings, it may be necessary to have the assistance of an attorney. While an individual may be able to find certain types of legal information on their own online, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or relevant. Those who decide to represent themselves in a legal proceeding may file a document after a deadline or file the wrong document altogether.

New Jersey business litigation

Although various business disputes can be expected, dealing with these can be handled effectively to ensure that the best interests of your company are considered. It is important to recognize that approach can have an important impact on the outcome, making experienced legal input a priority. While alternative dispute resolution methods are not always effective, they can limit your risk of going to court and depending on a third party to decide the outcome. Working with a lawyer who understands your goals and needs can be essential.

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