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Arbitrator increases NFL salary cap

New Jersey pro football fans may have heard that National Football League players will be earning more money when the 2016 season kicks off in the fall. The NFL Players Association has been campaigning for the league-wide salary cap to be increased, and the details of an arbitrator's ruling published on Feb. 23 indicates that it got what it was asking for.

How can litigation be avoided?

Going through a divorce in New Jersey can be a grueling process. There are assets to split, custody agreements to arrange and finances to organize. All of this must be done on top of a whirlwind of emotions that are capable of easily spiraling off the charts when extra stressors come into play. Divorce is often one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. There are a few ways in which people are able to make divorce a little easier.

Alternative dispute resolution options in New Jersey

When two parties become involved in a civil dispute in New Jersey, the case may be taken to court. However, this process can be time consuming and costly. Furthermore, despite preparation and the strength of your case, the ruling of the judge may not be favorable to your situation. If you are seeking to avoid the complications that might occur when litigating a case, you might be interested in alternative dispute resolution.

Resolving disputes in New Jersey

Not every civil case that goes to court has to be resolved by a judge. In many cases, the parties involved in a dispute can take part in mediation or arbitration. This is referred to as alternate dispute resolution. Mediation is an informal and voluntary process that is entered into by all parties to a dispute.

Complementary dispute resolution in New Jersey

What is commonly referred to as alternative dispute resolution in other states is known as complementary dispute resolution in New Jersey. This difference in legal terminology is due to the fact that the New Jersey courts view dispute resolution as a complement to trial proceedings rather than an alternative to them.

New Jersey arbitration: Car dealership settles for $66,000

Used car dealerships in New Jersey are required by consumer protection laws to inform potential buyers about a vehicle's history, which includes any damage. When a dealership violates these laws, it may have to address numerous consumer complaints, in addition to possibly paying penalties and fines. A Paterson used car dealership has agreed to go through a state arbitration process to settle consumer complaints after allegedly misleading customers about the condition of its vehicles.

1 harassment suit against American Apparel remains in arbitration

Here in New Jersey, many businesses that face disputes are wise to handle them in mediation and arbitration rather than inside a courtroom. This is because resolving a case in court can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Of course sometimes it is necessary to go to court, but many times things can be taken care of with alternative dispute resolution.

New Jersey police settle with man they arrested over $129 bill

Resolving a dispute in court is a daunting matter for many residents of New Jersey. Going to court is expensive, time-consuming and there is no guarantee a judge will agree with you. This is why many people choose to resolve legal disagreements in an alternative dispute resolution setting, which can be described as a form of legal negotiations under the guidance of professionals.

Spike Lee's Twitter gaffe results in undisclosed settlement

It seems that just about the entire United States, New Jersey included, is following the Trayvon Martin case as it unfolds. Many in Newark may have heard that Spike Lee reached a dispute resolution settlement today with an elderly couple after the director spread a Twitter posting listing their address as that of the man who shot the unarmed teen late last month.

Wells Fargo requires customers to use binding arbitration

Many Newark residents may have been surprised recently when they received a letter in the mail telling them that if they have a dispute with Wells Fargo, they are required to participate in binding arbitration with the bank, and are not allowed to have a jury trial or a trial by a judge. The bank, which is also not allowing checking and savings customers to be a part of class action suits, is the second largest holder of deposits in New Jersey.

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